Well another Turkey day has come and gone. Not the happiest day I have spent but not too bad. I am worried about Dad and sad that he had to spend it at the hospital.Not sure about the whole trip to NY deal. I am still worried about the whole airfare to Savannah debacle and various people have various issues…sigh…
MOSTLY it was great! Niki got up early and made lovely, moist pumpkin muffins from scratch! Curt whipped up some homemade applesauce and sausage. We gathered downstairs for breakfast and the Macy’s Parade. We ate and watched and commented for a couple hours. A nice, cozy family time. It was different in that we had snow on the ground and it was actually a pleasant 50 in NY.
Then the work began, prepping the turkey, finishing off the sweet potato casserole, peeling potatoes, making the cranberry sauces (Sean!). Interspersed with cleaning the house, de-cluttering and setting the table. Erin pitched in with appetizers; cheese, bread,pickles,veggies and a super spicy dip!
Keely arrived promptly at 3 when I ran in to shower and dress! The Mullens arrived as expected about 3:45. Although the rain had begun and the skies were gray we gathered in the living room that was warmed with the light of candles and rich, silk autumn leaves. We ate and laughed and drank and enjoyed each others company for awhile.
Then it was time to feast. we all rushed about getting the food on the table, putting serving spoons in all the dishes and making sure everyone had something to drink.
Keely said a quick grace for us and then as we all tucked into the food we took some time to share what we were thankful for this year. Humorous or sentimental we all shared a bit of ourselves. The food was delicious, the turkey very flavorful, a wonderful melange of flavors. As the wine poured freely we toasted each other and music, food and other fun!
Just as we finished Janice, Dom and John showed up. We popped another bottle of wine and visited. Some quick kitchen work, food away,serving bowls soaking, dishwasher loaded and we were ready for dessert! Yummm Pie!!
Nicholas had a long discussion with John about classic film. Interesting!
Then a small contingent decided to head out to see the newest Harry Potter.
Curt, Erin, Christine, Haley and Niki slipped out to the 8:30 showing. Keely went home and Janice and I had a nice, long chat .The boys played some Malarky, sucked helium from Niki’s old birthday balloons and finally resorted to the video game console.
All the various guests were home and in bed by midnight. Haley slept over so that the girls could head out shopping at 4 AM!!! Better them than me!
So yes, a lovely Thanksgiving for the memory book!



Man, sometimes I just want to freeze time. I would have done it several years ago, when Marc was still home and just after Erin was in High School(and got nice again!). When Sean and Niki were still kids not difficult teenagers….sigh….

I really miss Erin. Last weekend when we saw her I really felt it. She’s gone, she’s not my girl anymore, she’s her own person. I know that was my job, to grow her up to be the wonderful person she is but… I miss her being mine, knowing almost everything she did. Where she was, mostly, what she was thinking. Now I know practically nothing!!! Not really what her room is like, who she spends time with, what she does all day and particularly what she is eating! I miss providing for her. I felt this way about Marc too but I guess the pain fades a bit over time. I still miss him, even though he’s here!!! I just don’t have that bond, that attachment, that we had when he lived at home all the time and I knew his life. I hate cutting that cord, I hate it!!! 

And on top of missing Erin and soon to be missing Marc again, I have the retirement angst of my husband!!! I know it’s hard, he’s been in the Army for 29 years!!!! 

And then  an Air Force brat before that! Neither of us know what it will be like to not be a COL. He’s home, which I am not used to and that stresses me, he doesn’t quite know how to handle time off and still doing all the final paperwork, appointments etc. and that stresses him! Arghhh! I know this too will pass and we will adjust but right now I want this time to go by really fast not slow it down!

And we are trying to get ready for the big, nephew’s wedding weekend. Plan clothes, food, rehearsal dinner that we are catering, etc. Can I pull my hair out now? Will that help me weigh less which is the last thing I need to be dealing with right now but I am still trying!!! Been walking daily and mostly sticking to the plan but with hubby home , sometimes he cooks and it is not exactly WW friendly foods!! so far so sort of ok, I hope things will settle down in a week or so and I can try a bit harder.

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement from my commenters!!!! I had no idea anybody would actually read what I wrote. But it made me feel so good to read your positive notes. Thank you !!!! And good luck to you too!