One Little Word

For the last few years Ali and several famous scrappers have had a word, one little word that guides their year. I have toyed with this but … part of me says bah humbug. Part of me says, whatever works for them. Part of me says, me too, I want to play! I was tossing around some words so far this year…organize, eliminate, relax (I do that too much already!) not really feeling it but then I happened upon a random blog and saw this-
My word for 2011 is…. Less.

Less is More
I want to weigh less
own less
be on the computer less
live on less
and pay less

so thanks to Sharyn Tormanen for what I really think will be a great word.
Whether or not I manage to live by it is another thing!

Sometimes I think this blog thing is getting out of hand, but then I see someone’s life and ideas that I would never had known. If it will improve my life I can not say but it is better than TV or even books. Blogs may come and go but there will be more, a book will end, the characters disappear, but a blog is for a lifetime!! Possibly anyway…!

Anyway, food for thought, I will go write Less on my white board and stew on it a bit. then I WILL do laundry and finish the last Christmas cards (arghh!) and the thank you’s! Oh and call my parents!!!


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