CZ, a new year and a renewed motivation

Below is what I posted on Cathy Zeilski’s blog this AM. She is publishing a journal type thing to help track your fitness . I have watched with increasing jealousy and annoyance as she joined WW, began running and then swimming and doing it well. Meanwhile Christine is looking good and walking everyday without me. I am getting fatter and fatter and more and more annoyed with myself and everyone around me!
“I started my MMEL journey over 2 years ago. I joined WW online and lost over 25 pounds. But life happens, inertia happens, excuses happen and now I am back exactly where I started. My BFF lost and has kept off a bunch of weight, you are doing great and then there’s me and my personal pity party…sigh. I recently turned 50 and my motto is ‘ what are you waiting for enjoy life now!’ I guess I have not been thinking that watching what I eat and exercising is enjoyable.
This must stop now!! I must do this!! Being overweight is not enjoyable either! Thank you for continuing to struggle and to encourage me to continue to struggle. I will be copying your journal and moving forward! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and hope to report positive outcomes to you in the future.
Thank you for sharing yourself with me.”

I have got to do this, I do not want to look like a whale and I do not want my weight to impact my health. I want to have the most energy I can and look good too! Something better click that will give me the motivation to stop just feeling bad and wanting to do something but to actually do it!!! JUST DO IT!!!!
I will try to be better, I will. I will try to blog more, I will Move More and Eat Less, I will try to simplify. Organize, purge and complete!
I don’t think I can focus on one word, I have too many things that need work…guess I better work on this and focus better…


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