Letter to Mrs. Sullivan in Lebanon

Wow, I actually hadn’t read much that you have written over the years. You are very eloquent and yet approachable and welcoming in style. It is a fascinating peak into a world that I know very little about and think about even less often. Thank you for opening my eyes and sharing your perspective.

Meanwhile here in Steilacoom, all is pretty good! The HS football team lost last night in overtime to Clover Park. There is a Haunted House this evening at the History Museum. The Apple Squeeze was well attended and it only rained a little.

My family is doing well. Marc has finally found work. He is basically a copy writer for an online advertising firm. He has moved to Seattle and shares an apartment with James Brown.
Erin is still living the good college student life. Did I tell you she will be studying abroad next semester? She is going to Dublin University from Jan thru May! All of us are very excited.
Sean is a Senior and thinking about college apps (but not actually doing much yet!) Niki has adjusted to life as a HS student, although it did take a bit of time. She is unhappy at the moment because her current boyfriend (since when is she old enough for one of them anyway!!) has just moved this week with his family to Fort Drum, NY.

I have spent the past month celebrating my 50th! And trying to balance living in the moment with guiding my kids toward their future. But it has been a wonderful celebration with both family and friends and a trip to New Orleans!

Well, there’s a bit of info from home. I hope that you continue to enjoy your time there and I look forward to reading more on your blog! Take care and Happy Halloween!

So that is my life in an edited for cheerfulness and brevity nutshell!


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