Uncle George

We don’t talk about our feelings much in the Hollis family. I do not recall my Grandma saying she loved me on a regular basis (if at all). But I knew it…it was assumed, a given. I think, no, I know that it is the same with my Uncle George. Not sure that I can recall him ever saying outright, I love you. Yet, I know he did, and I know that he knew that I loved him.
I don’t think that means I loved him more or less than if we said it all the time. I don’t think that not spending much time together matters either. The feeling, the warm, comfortable thoughts are always there. Family is family and family is love.

I miss you Uncle George, I miss knowing that you are sitting in your family room, yelling for Ingrid, or grumping about something. I can hear your voice in my head, I can feel your hug. I can see you sitting in the chair opposite the TV at Southold. Thank you for always being there in my heart, thank you for being my godfather.

You were a great Uncle and a great husband and father. You were the center of your family and you will be missed.

Farewell Uncle George, I love you .


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