Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, back in the 1960’s, my daddy drove a Mercedes. It was old, it had belonged to my grandparents first. It was a big, gray I think, sedan, 4 door. It had red inside I think and leather seats and my sisters and I could lay down on each other across the back seat. The dash was wood as I recall and I loved that car. I probably didn’t love at the time that my dad would always say,”Don’t slam the door, close it gently, it’s a Mercedes.”. But I love that now!!!! We got rid of the Mercedes pretty early on, I never drove it. I seem to remember my dad saying it was too expensive to maintain.
Since then I always wanted a Mercedes. It was my total fantasy, dream car, especially when I saw how much they cost. They are totally a classy car. They are James Bond and royalty and “bring the Benz around please Chauncey”! I actually never imagined owning one. I am nothing if not practical anymore and a $60,000 car is not on the list of things we need.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Curt gets it in his head that I need a really great gift for my 50th. He’s thinking car. He’s thinking convertible. I’m thinking I got 1 kid in college, still paying loans on another one and 2 more to go. Another big car payment is not on the list of necessities. He says, “let’s go car shopping”, I say ” no I really don’t think so”. He says it over and over again. While I’m in Vegas he goes car shopping with Nick. I realize that although I may be fine with the van (and actually I really like my van!) Curt really needs to get me something special. So to humor him, really that was the only reason, I agreed to go look at the car he’s been looking at.

Late on Saturday afternoon we grab Sean and head out. I’m still thinking we’re going to South Tacoma Way to see a Honda or something. Curt heads North on I-5, slow going by the Dome as usual for no reason. We pull off into the Mercedes-Benz dealer. “Sure”, I think, “we can afford that!” but the cars were gorgeous and it doesn’t cost to look. I slid into the front seat of a cute little 2 seater, white with tan interior, no price tags! Wow! Sean tries a few out, they are so gorgeous and even sitting in them feels right.

More tomorrow!!!


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