One little word part one

the following is borrowed from a newsletter from Lasting Memories Scrapbook store in Lynnwood, WA. I want to choose a word but between working and the flooded downstairs and stupid mice, I feel so behind!! I like her idea of focusing on the word everyday so I want to do this. Perhaps if I put this in here I will see it again and do it!! That’s the plan!

” Dear Karen,

One little word – makes a huge difference!

I’m so excited about my word for 2010.
I don’t know where
Ali Edwards got the idea to encourage scrapbookers to choose a word for focus on each year, but I love doing it.  I have loved living with my 2009 word for the past year.  My 2009 word was “hope”.  Every morning I woke up facing my “HOPE” banner and spent a few minutes thinking hopeful thoughts.  I would say that focusing on a word has been nothing less than life changing for me.  And I mean that in the most positive sense.”


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