A new Year!

Wow! 2010! It seems unbelievable for those of us that in the 70’s heard 1999 and thought that life would be flying cars and food in a tube! I clearly remember 2000 also. Like it was only a few months ago…life is amazing in how it just goes on & on.

Not feeling too clever right now. Probably doesn’t help when someone is arrested in your backyard early in the morning! That was surreal! Voices, then cops with guns and flashlights and handcuffs right in my yard! Woa!

Curt in chicago going to see The Adams Family Musical with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuerth!!! I am jealous! That is one show and 2 actors that i really would like to see someday! Oh well glad he gets to see it anyway.

New Years resolutions:

Be 25-35 pounds lighter!!

Have scrapped some of my family history, specifically mom & dad’s stories!

Used up, sorted through or tossed out!!! Simplify!

I am sure I had more but that will start for now!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Enough blather for today. Bye


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