Karen H. saysNovember 10, 2009 at 10:20 pm

All the readers of my blog (that would be me!!) know that I love Stacy Julian!!! She is my inspiration and a truly kind and wonderful person. I also love her classes at BPS. I was there since the very beginning 4 years ago. Today is there birthday and I want to celebrate with them! 75 classes. I did not actually complete them all but I did a lot!

Stacy asked for comments on her blog and my answer is below. Not much more to say than that!

“Since we are celebrating our fourth year, I’d love to know your ‘top 4′ classes. If you haven’t taken classes or haven’t taken 4 classes, then tell me what topics you’d like to see  offered.

I have 4 packages of happy mail to send randomly to those that list my classes as their favorite that leave a comment by midnight tonight!”   Stacy  Julian

I just counted and I have taken 75!!! classes and workshops! Oh my! Not sure I can only pick 4. Library of Memories (really!!) but I also loved the first class I took by Cathy Z. ,”Did you Know”. I’ve done those pages for all the family! I also loved Beth Proudfoots’ You and the Power of 10!!! Still love to look at those mini books! I loved Heidi all year long. I love my year in Pictures album. One of the funnest classes I took was Darci’s “A Baker’s Dozen”! I would love to do that one again! My Board with Photos gets lots of use even though I made it 3 years ago! I want to list them all, I have loved almost every class!
Oh, and I was always a fan of the Count!





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