Where will I be in 5 years??

Karen Hobbs says:I would like to be a photographer, and get paid for it! I would like to be traveling the world or even just the USA with my husband and taking pictures and writing about them and maybe do a book or something like that! September 29, 2009 at 8:28 am

This is the comment I put on Stacy’s blog the day before yesterday. She had posted the book, “5”  , from compendium.http://stacyjulian.com/blog/?p=840 I had given this book to all the graduates this year, Marc, Caitlin, and Elizabeth. Stacy asked us if time and money were no object where would be in 5 years. I didn’t take too much time to think about it. I have never been much for deep introspection. Kinda been busy living life and being happy with where I am right now.

But today, Stacy has a whole website..not just a blog. And what do I have? Well I have a fantastic husband and wonderful kids and super friends and several busy volunteer jobs. Some days that doesn’t feel like enough. I guess I don’t have a lot of ambition. I have never been one to have big goals. I kinda stopped after the graduate college, get my RD, get married, have great kids…..another goal …for me? Can’t I just fade into the sunset? Do I have to do the whole ‘life is better after 50 and I can have an amazing 2nd career’ thing? Even those girls from CKU, Lori and Candy…starting their own scrapbook online business and classes and ….

I probably could do that but do I want to work that hard?? I feel like I have plenty to do right now just keep up with family, friends and all their activities? Am I lazy??? or are they overachievers? Does it matter? I don’t know!!

On another note….it’s the first of October. The start of birthday month in our house!!! Me – 3rd, Marc – 5th, Niki- 12th. Plus Corey the 2nd, Christine was the 26th, Christopher is the 6th, Alex is the 14th, Alek is the 23rd, Pam the 24th and Bud the 31st! And I think Bettina’s is in Oct too , oh and Michael too. I love trying to make each day special, but it’s harder now than when the kids were little. Not sure what we are doing for Marc this year. I have Wicked and then the Vegas trip with Pam! Niki will be happy because her project will be done! (Me too) But otherwise not sure what she wants to do either. sigh…

that’s really all I can conclude…sigh…I’ll get back to you on the goal thing…someday!


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