Jeff from Pat’s Plumbing just arrived. I have been waiting all day for the thrill and honor of paying a lot of money for a water heater.  $1600+, wow. Not what I wanted to spend money on. It really is always something. We had our big trip in July and I could barely manage to pay for that. Now this…I am sure a car will be next, they can always be counted on to break down when it is the most inconvenient! I can not seem to get a handle on our finances these days. I am trying to only spend what we make but …there rarely seems to be enough. We have too much longterm debt. It is embarrassing really and I am glad no-one actually reads this. I hate being so in debt. But I can not seem to say no to Curt or I must admit to myself either. I can always justify every little thing. And the kids..OMG…I spent $200+ to get Sean in the door at school and buy a few lunches!! At least Marc is working enough to get spending money but not enough to really help with household expenses.

Niki says it’s going to be ok. I think I should get a job but I don’t want to. I want the ideal job. taking random photos or scrapping for money or helping people do something but not being in charge. I do not want responsibility but I want flexibility…is that asking to much?

More later, gotta work on Girl Scout stuff. another arghhh, for another post!


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