Doing great!!!

I have hit the big 25 pounds lost!!! When I think of it like that I feel terrific!!! My clothes are falling off (ok only a few of the largest ones!) and I can see the difference in the mirror. Occasionally I ‘ll run into someone who I haven’t seen in awhile and they will comment on the weight loss. That also feels so good. Mostly I don’t mind the diet part and I love walking with my friends, not sure about the jogging, trying to convince myself I like it…but it is eaiser to jog now then it has been for a along time!

What discourages me is seeing how much more I have to go…about  another 25 pounds. It has taken 7 and a half months to lose the first 25, can I keep this up for another 7 months?? 


My family is encouraging but they don’t seem to enjoy dinner quite as much, maybe it’s me, I need to be more upbeat.  We are all kind of worn out by that time of day so maybe that’s it.

I really want to look good for Marc’s college graduation. I had wanted to be thinner by his High School grad but it didn’t happen. I really think I can lose another 10 or so pounds by then. But will it be enough for me to look good??? or just better than I was last sumer? Sigh…

I am also trying to keep this in perspective. People are going hungry and I am worried about not eating too much…something wrong with this picture.

Anyway, 25 pounds!! WOW! That’s a lot!! Way to go me!


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