Why weight? (ha i am so witty!!) Because I am too fat… I hate to admit it and frequently rationalize it but it is a fact. I can’t even admit to myself exactly how fat but I’d say , to be honest, about 40-50 pounds. ick… I have joined Weight Watchers Online and I am very happy about that. I am truly appreciating the accountability that The Plan requires and encourages. I lost 10 lbs in July, took a month off, gained 1 lb back but have restarted in Sept and have lost 2 lbs this last week!!! I know, really I do know that weight loss is slow and difficult. I am doing well though because I keep convincing myself that I really want to be thinner and I can do this just one more day and one more day and then I will be done at some point!!! I also know that this is a life long battle but I think I might make it if i stick with the one day at a time approach. I don’t know, I have to talk the pep talk constantly to keep going. I hope I can do it long enough and well enough to succeed.


2 thoughts on “Weight

  1. embthestoryofme says:

    Keep it up! That’s the key. I know I ususally give up before the my hard work pays off. It sounds like you have support in place and are really moving forward. Keep it up!

  2. hardsun424 says:

    keep up the good work. as an overweight person myself, i can appreciate the impact of being almost 12lbs lighter. congrats : )

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