Another Monday…

Good morning! Curt left at 5 AM, I’ve been awake since then, looking at Instagram and Facebook. Thinking about other places and people I don’t even  know. Hmmm….Finally got up at 7. Feeling pretty cheery though. I’m looking forward to my scrap day today, although I’m not really prepared to scrap anything yet! I really hope I can actually start/ finish/progress on all these million projects. I love doing so many different things…

Anyway, Curt just texted me , so cute! Just as I was starting to type this diary type entry! IMG_2481

We do think alike after 34 years! He is the best! I am the luckiest girl to have him!

Alright a few more minutes to do computer stuff and then prep for scrapping and go for a walk and listen to my story. (It’s called The Good Daughter, and it’s like watching a wreck, it’s horrible but I can’t stop listening! I mean, what happens is awful, the book is fascinating!) Later!



“There is no right way – and – there are a lot of good ways.”

Somehow as I was looking at stamped card designs I happened across a series of blogs about becoming a mom. As I grow day by day closer to becoming a Grandma, I struggle with how to be good one, and especially now, how to be a good mother in law. My daughter in law is wonderful but she is more of an introvert and a private person than I am now. I want to be supportive but not overbearing, kind and helpful but not pushy…I think it can be a hard line to draw.

I also am concerned for her mental well being. It is overwhelmingly difficult to become a new mom. And despite the glut of information on it, which honestly probably make it all worse, it is not something you can learn except by doing. I will never forget how bad I felt when Kara told me she felt I was pressuring her to keep breastfeeding and that she just couldn’t do it anymore. How upset she was with me. I still feel bad to this day that she felt that way, that instead of supporting her as best I could I was making her feel guilty. I don’t think I was but if she felt I was that’s all that counted.

I so want to be a big part of my grandchild’s life and to support their parents in whatever they choose. I just hope I can walk that very fine line.

These words written by Kate Kole in her blog, Thirty On Tap, really resonated with me. I hope they help her in her journey of motherhood and I hope I can remember them as I learn to be a Grandparent and help my son and his wife learn to be parents.

There is no right way – and – there are a lot of good ways.”

Because the truth is, there isn’t a perfect path to motherhood, the same way there isn’t a perfect path to life. There’s so much conflicting instruction in existence in the form of “you need to do this, and dear God, unless you’re trying to ruin your child’s life, don’t do that.” And, I imagine that much of it is well-intentioned. But what I need right now, more than a list of dos and don’ts, is grace and reassurance. Less competition, more encouragement. Less comparison, more support. Less expert advice, more real-life wisdom. Less shame, more “same, girl, same.”. I want to hear that there isn’t one magical way to master motherhood, and to know that I, and all the other first-time moms like me, will find our way – far from perfect and good enough.

I’ll keep reading and I’ll keep trying and I will keep! Facebook favs - 11

One Little Word

For the last few years Ali and several famous scrappers have had a word, one little word that guides their year. I have toyed with this but … part of me says bah humbug. Part of me says, whatever works for them. Part of me says, me too, I want to play! I was tossing around some words so far this year…organize, eliminate, relax (I do that too much already!) not really feeling it but then I happened upon a random blog and saw this-
My word for 2011 is…. Less.

Less is More
I want to weigh less
own less
be on the computer less
live on less
and pay less

so thanks to Sharyn Tormanen for what I really think will be a great word.
Whether or not I manage to live by it is another thing!

Sometimes I think this blog thing is getting out of hand, but then I see someone’s life and ideas that I would never had known. If it will improve my life I can not say but it is better than TV or even books. Blogs may come and go but there will be more, a book will end, the characters disappear, but a blog is for a lifetime!! Possibly anyway…!

Anyway, food for thought, I will go write Less on my white board and stew on it a bit. then I WILL do laundry and finish the last Christmas cards (arghh!) and the thank you’s! Oh and call my parents!!!

What Type of Mom Are You?

YOU’RE A COMPOSITE MOM – Congratulations, you’re perfect! Or else one of those multiple personality types we’ve all seen in TV movies.
What You’re Great At: Keeping ’em guessing.
What You Might Consider: Being consistent. No matter how cool they are, most kids – even very big kids – want their moms to be predictable. On the other hand, being a wacky mom may help your kids stay alert and engaged and coming back just to see what you’ll do next.

Took this online quiz…not sure what I think about this. will have to think on it a bit… but I did find it interesting.

CZ, a new year and a renewed motivation

Below is what I posted on Cathy Zeilski’s blog this AM. She is publishing a journal type thing to help track your fitness . I have watched with increasing jealousy and annoyance as she joined WW, began running and then swimming and doing it well. Meanwhile Christine is looking good and walking everyday without me. I am getting fatter and fatter and more and more annoyed with myself and everyone around me!
“I started my MMEL journey over 2 years ago. I joined WW online and lost over 25 pounds. But life happens, inertia happens, excuses happen and now I am back exactly where I started. My BFF lost and has kept off a bunch of weight, you are doing great and then there’s me and my personal pity party…sigh. I recently turned 50 and my motto is ‘ what are you waiting for enjoy life now!’ I guess I have not been thinking that watching what I eat and exercising is enjoyable.
This must stop now!! I must do this!! Being overweight is not enjoyable either! Thank you for continuing to struggle and to encourage me to continue to struggle. I will be copying your journal and moving forward! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and hope to report positive outcomes to you in the future.
Thank you for sharing yourself with me.”

I have got to do this, I do not want to look like a whale and I do not want my weight to impact my health. I want to have the most energy I can and look good too! Something better click that will give me the motivation to stop just feeling bad and wanting to do something but to actually do it!!! JUST DO IT!!!!
I will try to be better, I will. I will try to blog more, I will Move More and Eat Less, I will try to simplify. Organize, purge and complete!
I don’t think I can focus on one word, I have too many things that need work…guess I better work on this and focus better…


Well another Turkey day has come and gone. Not the happiest day I have spent but not too bad. I am worried about Dad and sad that he had to spend it at the hospital.Not sure about the whole trip to NY deal. I am still worried about the whole airfare to Savannah debacle and various people have various issues…sigh…
MOSTLY it was great! Niki got up early and made lovely, moist pumpkin muffins from scratch! Curt whipped up some homemade applesauce and sausage. We gathered downstairs for breakfast and the Macy’s Parade. We ate and watched and commented for a couple hours. A nice, cozy family time. It was different in that we had snow on the ground and it was actually a pleasant 50 in NY.
Then the work began, prepping the turkey, finishing off the sweet potato casserole, peeling potatoes, making the cranberry sauces (Sean!). Interspersed with cleaning the house, de-cluttering and setting the table. Erin pitched in with appetizers; cheese, bread,pickles,veggies and a super spicy dip!
Keely arrived promptly at 3 when I ran in to shower and dress! The Mullens arrived as expected about 3:45. Although the rain had begun and the skies were gray we gathered in the living room that was warmed with the light of candles and rich, silk autumn leaves. We ate and laughed and drank and enjoyed each others company for awhile.
Then it was time to feast. we all rushed about getting the food on the table, putting serving spoons in all the dishes and making sure everyone had something to drink.
Keely said a quick grace for us and then as we all tucked into the food we took some time to share what we were thankful for this year. Humorous or sentimental we all shared a bit of ourselves. The food was delicious, the turkey very flavorful, a wonderful melange of flavors. As the wine poured freely we toasted each other and music, food and other fun!
Just as we finished Janice, Dom and John showed up. We popped another bottle of wine and visited. Some quick kitchen work, food away,serving bowls soaking, dishwasher loaded and we were ready for dessert! Yummm Pie!!
Nicholas had a long discussion with John about classic film. Interesting!
Then a small contingent decided to head out to see the newest Harry Potter.
Curt, Erin, Christine, Haley and Niki slipped out to the 8:30 showing. Keely went home and Janice and I had a nice, long chat .The boys played some Malarky, sucked helium from Niki’s old birthday balloons and finally resorted to the video game console.
All the various guests were home and in bed by midnight. Haley slept over so that the girls could head out shopping at 4 AM!!! Better them than me!
So yes, a lovely Thanksgiving for the memory book!